Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Leigh Evers/Ben Jones

Leigh Evers/Ben Jones
April 2010
First United Methodist Church

Last weekend we braved the storms, got soaking wet, all while making Leigh Evers wedding complete with beautiful flowers! The whole Evers family was a joy to work with! It was the first time the Fellowship Hall at First Methodist was used for a reception, and it was breathtaking! The room is so welcoming and has great natural light! Thanks Evers family for allowing us to help with your special day!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sarah and Owen Averbuch's B'Nai Mitzvah

Grant Guisberg's Grand Slam

In January, we had a blast doing Grant's Bar Mitzvah! The theme was Grand Slam Tennis and everything was related to tennis, even the dance floor was a tennis court! We hope he had a slamming time!

Prom April 10, 2009

Chad Hampton

Kara Haynes

Mary Kate Hodges

Raley Sittason

Lauren Corley

Donna Mayo

Zach Hooper's date

Jo Lauren Weaver

Katy Hawkins

Olivia Huntzinger

Michelle Brooks

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

JUG Winter Formal

sarah bedsole

claire koenig
liza lee tweedy

parker hartselle

paige hollaway

kathleen o'hara

wiley underwood

ragan davidson

caki bolding

chandler mathews

caroline hughes

blythe bowman

megan snyder

lucy beth scott

lauren wenzler

taylor peebles

rainey schuknekent

annie suggs

cait alred

caroline keenum

kirsten hawkins

patricia woller

mary eliza reep