Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Tea for Caroline Weaver/Ashwander

This was a tea for Caroline at the home of Pam Howell. It was a beautiful occasion for a wonderful person!

Margaret Landman

Margaret Landman
March 2009
Trinity Methodist
Home of the Bride
We always love to do weddings at the brides home. They make everything so special!

Baby Shower

This was a baby shower given for me! Kathy had it at her house , many family and friends helped and it was the most fabulous shower I have ever been to! Scott and Kathy did the flowers and of course they were perfect!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Katie Evans

Katie Evans
March 2009
St. John's Episcopal Church
Rhode's Ferry Park
In March we got the opportunity to do something very different for us, a tent at Rhode's Ferry, overlooking the river. Katie was a fabulous Bride to work for, she new the look she wanted to achieve. We were able to carry off a elegant wedding befitting of the location.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Art In Bloom

In early April we had the privilege of participating in Huntsville Museum's Art in Bloom. We were to choose from a piece of art already on display at the museum and create our version of it with a floral arrangement. The original piece was a clay sculptural of two sweet potatoes on a sofa and above is our interpretation!

Cathryn Sterling

Cathryn Sterling
March 21, 2009
First Baptist Church
Sykes Place on Bank
We were referred to Cathryn by a former bride of
ours, Emily Baggette Prater.
We love when a bride is pleased enough
to refer us to a friend!

Lindsey McDonald

Lindsey McDonald
February 2009
First Baptist Chapel
Decatur Country Club
We are proud to present our first BLOG bride! We had previously done her sister's wedding and were so excited to do hers as well! The ceremony was at First Baptist Chapel, which is one of our favorite decorate. The reception followed at the Decatur Country Club.